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TMS320-XDS100-V3 - Programador DSP JTAG de bajo costo
SKU MCI01735
Tienda Santiago : Disponible
Viña : Agotado


  • TMS320-XDS100V3 hardware is designed to work with CCS 5.x software
  • Grants free license for TI's Code Composer Studio 5.
  • Supported in IAR EW for ARM (for IAR versions after 6.40).
  • IEEE 1149.7 capable emulator with a USB interface.
  • Can function as an 1149.7 adapter for use with existing scan controllers.
  • Software compatible with XDS100v2 (except link delay and IEEE 1149.7 modes).
  • Physical jumper to select emulator or adapter mode.
  • Operates in 1149.7 Class 4, up to 25MHz.
  • LED to indicate IEEE 1149.7 Class 4 operation.
  • LED to indicate operation in adapter mode.
  • Supported devices: TMS320C28xx, TMS320C54xx, TMS320C55xx, TMS320C674x, TMS320C64x+, TMS320C66x, ARM9, ARM Cortex A9, ARM Cortex A8, ARM Cortex M3, ARM Cortex R4
  • Works with TI 14-pin JTAG and TI 20-pin JTAG layouts
  • All units manufactured after 01.02.2014 also include a 2x10 pin ARM JTAG layout adapter. It makes the connection to a board that features a supported ARM core target easier.
  • Works with targets 1.65-5.0V
  • Uses standard 0.1" 2x7 pin and 0.1'' 2x10 pin JTAG connectors (both with TI JTAG layout)
  • No need for external power supply, all power is taken from USB and the target
  • Dimensions 95x46 mm (3.75x1.8") + 2x15 cm (8") cables



  • CCS 5.x.x has free license for developers using XDS100
Warranty 3,0 Months
Weight 0,180
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Width 1
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