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Herramientas y Técnicas Avanzadas para el Diseñador Electrónico
SKU MCI02641
Tienda Santiago : Agotado
Viña : Agotado
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Learn to design, simulate and make electronic circuits with the tools that the professionals employ.

Get into the Learning Center to obtain Technical notes, exercises and videos of our experts in Altium Designer, CIIVA, PDN Analyzer, Circuit Maker and Proteus.

This book is only available in Spanish.

With this book you will learn:

Features of the unified development interface used to design and simulate your circuits. Detailed description of all the software tools and examples so you can unveil all its potential.

Design of libraries from scratch. You will learn how to build your own libraries starting from a spreadsheet and to import components from different manufacturers you will also learn how to create the footprint and the 3D model.

Design your circuit knowing the cutting edge fabrication techniques chat will enable you to save costs and optimize production times.

Generate the necessary files to produce your PCB, so you can send the files directly to your provider, be it a component placing company or a PCB manufacturer, parts list and 3D PDF.

Temporal analysis, frequency response, transient and BODE graphics. Also integrity analysis to evaluate crosstalk and reflections caused by impedance decoupling.

Learn to integrate a PCB in a cabinet following rules of design. Also you will get to know the new features to insert embedded components in the internal layers of the PCB. Advanced layer stack manager.

Routing rules, interactive routing and advanced routing (differential pairs and impedance control, to design for example a transmission line. Layer generation and PCB topology to build single-sided, dual layer and multi-layer circuits. Discover the possibilities that Altium offers for Flex and Rigid Flex. Learn to route circuits manually and automatically following the common design rules.

Learn to implement high speed lanes with xSignals and microstrip design, Teardrops, Stitching bias and its application in RF circuits. Thermal analysis using external tools.

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